Gants de Boxe Muay Thaï

Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


      On Waykru we propose you a selection of boxing gloves for Muay Thaï. Discover the Pryde brand and the Cleto Reyes brand. We deliver quickly in France within 3 to 4 working days. 

      Boxing gloves for Muay Thai

      Actually there is no particular difference with English or French boxing gloves. The practice of Thai boxing differs by the use of the feet. We say of muay thaï that it is a foot-fist boxing like kick boxing or fullcontact. In all these disciplines the use of boxing gloves is obligatory. A distinction is made between scratch boxing gloves and laced boxing gloves, such as those of the Mexican brand Cleto Reyes. 


      But in fact what is a boxing glove ?

      A boxing glove is first of all an object of use to protect oneself from the opponent's punches. E also boxing gloves are used to protect the opponent from your punches and limit the consequences of the impact of your fist crashing into his face, liver or ribs. 

      Composition of a boxing glove ?

      A boxing glove is composed of three parts, each one having the function of absorbing shocks. First the fingers, the curved part in which you slip your hand and which protects your phalanges and joints with your four fingers: index, middle, ring and little fingers. Then the thumb, which prevents the hand from turning over and finally the wrist to prevent sprains. 

      The boxing gloves are usually made of leather, at least originally they all were. But nowadays you can find vinyl or imitation leather gloves. The most beautiful manufacture being undoubtedly the leather boxing gloves.

      How is a boxing glove made?

      Here is a video about the making of the boxing gloves of the brand Combat Corner made in Thailand (that we do not currently distribute). It shows very well the different steps of the making of a boxing glove, from the cutting to the assembling of the glove.