Mongkol & Prajeet Muay Thai


      A selection of Prajeet and Mongkol for Muay Thaï to discover here. The essential accessory for Ram Muay and Way Khru, the pre-fight rituals specific to Muay Thaï.

      What is the Ram Muay?

      Here is a video that explains what the Ram Muay is.

      The Mongkol
      : it is the accessory that is placed on the boxer's head. It belongs to the school and it is the teacher who puts it on him. The boxer must not touch it.

      The Prajeet
      : It is the armband which matches the Mongkolian one and which comes to perfect the accessories for the Ram Muay before the fight.

      The Way Khru
      is the homage to the teacher, the master, the parents and all the individuals who allowed the boxer to reach this point. It is a very strong mark of respect for their destination.

      The Ram Muay
      is the dance in homage to the school and to the public who come to support the fighter. Each school has its own Ram Muay. In Thailand the Ram Muay is obligatory, there is never a fight without this ritual. It is inseparable from the practice and the fight.

      Carrying Mongkol and Prajeet during Ram Muay