Cleto Reyes boxing gloves


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      Discover the famous Mexican brand: Reyes. The brand dedicated to combat sports and special boxing. It creates and distributes equipment specific to the practice of all types as boxing gloves. Fast delivery throughout France.

      Cleto Reyes Castro, became the manufacturer boxer

      Cleto Reyes Castro was born April 26, 1920 in Mexico City, in the midst of reconstruction after 10 years of revolutionary struggle. Because of the hard times that his family was facing, Cleto had to start working at the age of 12 in a tack that made baseball items. In 1936, when he was in primary school in the premises of the other side of the ring "Peralvillo Cozumel," his love for boxing was born.

      In 1938 Cleto Reyes participated in an amateur fight and his performance was so remarkable that the public has come to throw coins in the ground of the ring; However, the blows were so hard that he was convinced not to fight. He chose, instead, to rework that gloves were used during the fight and that began his career in the manufacture of boxing gloves.

      Then his gloves obtained the approval of the local boxing commission (COMBOX DF), and in 1945, the Cleto Reyes boxing gloves were used in a world title fight for the first time. On "La Condesa Arena", part of the battle between the second Mexican champion Juan Zurita and Ike Williams. This year was very important, as Don Cleto decided to become independent, always counting on the precious help of his wife and children. In 1965 he had his first sales representative in Los Angeles that began to distribute its products in the most important cities in the United States and other countries. in 1970, while the health of Don Cleto was in trouble, his son Alberto Reyes has joined the efforts of his father and with a strong entrepreneurial vision, he decided to register the mark Cleto Reyes in 1975 and found Reyes Industria SA CV in 1979.

      Currently, Cleto Reyes products dominate the international market and are exported to five continents with the approval of major global organizations. The company has received important distinctions such as the national price of Mexican exports in 1994 (awarded annually by the Mexican Department of Trade and Industry to eminent Mexican companies and many others).